Brave Enough For Two Highlights Friendship

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By Alison Wenger June 12, 2018

We all had that friend growing up¬, whether it was imaginary or stuffed, that was someone we never went far without. For me, it was a bear named Tyler that I received in first grade, took to college, and still sits on a shelf in my bedroom. My son has a Husky dog named Sabre and my daughter also a bear named Teddy.

Sabre and Teddy have taken airplane rides on vacation, been packed in the car for trips to the beach, and most importantly, been available whenever my kids have needed them.

In Brave Enough For Two, you’ll meet a girl named Olive and her imaginary owl friend Hoot. These two friends share a special friendship, but when Hoot chooses adventurous outings such as flying a hot-air balloon and navigating raging rivers, Olive isn’t sure she’s brave enough to go along.

Then Hoot gets hurt and Olive realizes she’s braver than she ever knew–brave enough for two! The heartfelt illustrations depicting the bond between Olive and Hoot may remind you of another popular character from your childhood.

Brave Enough For Two, recommended for ages 4-8, is the debut picture book from author-illustrator Jonathan Voss and is available here.