Ice Cream Treats and Walmart Online Grocery Pickup Signal Summer Fun

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By Jo Beth Bootz June 12, 2018

Growing up in Southern Indiana, Memorial Day always signaled the beginning of hot summer temperatures and a freezer filled with delicious ice cream treats. My mother always stocked our humongous freezer with an array of ice cream options. After playing outside for hours in the hot temperatures, an ice cream treat was the perfect way to cool down and relax. When I became a mom, I started doing the same thing; filling my fridge with refreshing frozen treats as part of our summer tradition. 

When filling the fridge, the type of ice cream was very important. My mother always said that not all frozen treats are created equal (and she was right). There were specific flavors and brands that were so special to my childhood, and now, my children’s memories. But the truth is, my mom had it hard. She had to go the store with all four of her kids, look through the aisles, and select all of our summer treats. Those trips to the local grocery store were time-consuming and stressful with all the kids in tow, especially since we lived in the country almost 30 minutes from the nearest store. Now, my trips to the grocery for summer treats are so easy thanks to Unilever and Walmart Online Grocery Pickup!

First off, the tastiest and crave-worthy treats are available at Walmart for online ordering, thanks to Unilever. You need to check out these brands when placing your order as there are so many options to choose from on the website!

The process to order online and pickup through Walmart is fast and easy with these simple steps:

1. Visit and sign in with your Walmart account. Don’t have a Walmart account yet? It just takes a few minutes to set one up! 

2. You can search for all your favorite items online and add them to your cart. 

3. Once you are ready, you can review your order and check out! You get to select the time and day you would like your groceries. Once you place your order, Walmart will contact you when your order is ready by email and/or text.

4. Drive to Walmart, during your scheduled time, and have your items delivered straight to your vehicle (and loaded where you prefer).  We also recommend downloading the Walmart app so you can check in before you arrive. That means you can pull in to Walmart to get your items and you don’t even have to call to let them know you have arrived! 

Not only can you purchase these delicious ice cream treats, but you can also get all your summer fun supplies in one-stop, without having to leave your car. And we discovered, during our trip, that these brands stayed cold and didn't melt, even with those hot temps. 

Check out our video below to see how easy it is to purchase these delicious treats through Walmart Online Grocery Pickup.