Helping Children with Test Anxiety

End the Year with Success

By Liz M. May 21, 2018

It's coming to the end of the school year. For many students, this means final exams are around the corner.  This can cause a high level of stress for some.  Here are a few tips for beating test anxiety, so that your child can end the school year in a more confident manner.

1) Preparation:

  •  Take a look at the schedule for final exams.  Plot them out on a calendar with your son or daughter so that they can see how much time they have to prepare.  
  • Are there any weak subjects?  Plan study time for those classes first. 
  • Have your son or daughter involved in the planning process from the start.  This will help him/her feel more in control during exam season.  Working with them to develop the plan will also help them feel supported and encouraged.  

2) During Review Sessions:

  •  Go over past exams and quizzes.  What questions were answered incorrectly?  Does your student understand why it was wrong?  
  • Review the questions that were answered correctly to make sure that knowledge has stuck.
  • Take a look back at any handouts or study guides provided by the teacher.
  • Flash cards are a great way to review.  

3) During the Exam:

  • Remind your child not to panic!  Breathe and read through each question carefully.
  • On the day of the exam, remind your child that they have worked really hard to prepare, and they are ready!  Sometimes hearing your words of encouragement is enough of a confidence booster.
  • Remind your son or daughter - there's no need to cram the minutes right beforehand.  They have put in the effort in preparation.  Trying to cram all of that knowledge in just before the test will bring distraction and can increase anxiety.

4) Other ways to Ease Anxiety:

  • Exercise is a good stress buster.  
  • Try to get a good night's sleep the night before the exam.
  • Grab breakfast on the day of the test.  Don't go into the exam hungry.

Does your child experience test anxiety?  How does he/she get through it?  Share your comments on our Facebook page or down below.