Fun and Legos!

Learning Activities with Legos

By Liz M. May 14, 2018

Legos, legos, everywhere!  Many children spend countless hours building amazing creations using lego blocks.  In addition to being tons of fun, legos are an amazing hands-on educational toy that can be used in so many learning activities.  Below are some ideas for using legos as a learning tool (and your kids will be having so much fun they will never even realize they are learning).

1) Math:  Probably the most obvious of means, you can use legos for counting, addition, subtraction, even multiplication and division.  You can also use legos to teach patterns, organization, and measurement. 

A few lego math game suggestions:

  • count them into blocks of 5 and then 10 and use to count in 5s or 10s (make more to reach 100)
  • build them horizontally and use them to create a number line
  • use them to play a number matching game

2) Science:  Use legos for some science fun.  A few suggestions:

  • Build a solar system with legos
  • Build a boat and try to guess how long the boat will float.  Does the boat leak? What happens if you add weight?

3) History:  Re-create a scene from history and discuss it.  

4) Reading and Language: Glue or tape letters to your legos.  Kids can assemble the legos to spell words. Once the words are spelled out, use them to play rhyming games, matching games, or even create sentences. 

5) Art:  Teach color using legos.  Also, legos, for me, are about exploring creativity.  Get the imagination going and then bring it to life with legos.  Create a story to go along with it. 

Hope this was helpful.  Check in with us on Facebook and let us know how you lego in your house.  Send us photos of any lego creations!

Happy building!